Sweet taste of success.

This variety pack’s coming with three fun flavors (each one’ll whip up about 15 drinks):

  • Celery: A largely forgotten flavor that was popular in New York delicatessens of the 1930s, this one gets its crispness from celery seed and ginger, plus cucumber, green apple, and fresh celery.
  • Rosemary & Cucumber: Clean and aromatic, this tasteful combo is just-right for mixing with gin—or whipping up a sparkly drink with a gentle bitterness.
  • Classic Tonic: This iconic blend is made from fair-trade cane sugar, lemon juice, zest, lemongrass, and quinine, all to create a citrusy blend for your best-ever G&T (or SW&T...our new name for sparkling water and tonic!).

Did we mention we've got recipe ideas for all three? See how Six Barrel Soda Co. suggests mixing the Celery, Rosemary & Cucumber, and Classic Tonic.