Sweet taste of success.

Ready to add a splash of flavor to your fizzy drinks and cocktails? Good, because we found just the tonics for the task. Each bottle is brimming with organic ingredients and tailor-made to dress up your Aarke sparkling water (or any bubbly beverage, really). Mix one part syrup to five parts soda or sparkling water, then sip to your heart’s content.

This variety pack’s coming with three fun flavors (each one’ll whip up about 15 drinks):

  • Celery: A largely forgotten flavor that was popular in New York delicatessens of the 1930s, this one gets its crispness from celery seed and ginger, plus cucumber, green apple, and fresh celery.
  • Rosemary & Cucumber: Clean and aromatic, this tasteful combo is just-right for mixing with gin—or whipping up a sparkly drink with a gentle bitterness.
  • Classic Tonic: This iconic blend is made from fair-trade cane sugar, lemon juice, zest, lemongrass, and quinine, all to create a citrusy blend for your best-ever G&T (or SW&T...our new name for sparkling water and tonic!).

Did we mention we've got recipe ideas for all three? See how Six Barrel Soda Co. suggests mixing the Celery, Rosemary & Cucumber, and Classic Tonic.