Stack your snacks.

  • Two compartments: Two stackable pots twist together into one trusty carrier (for soup and croutons, greens and salad toppings, berries and yogurt...your pick).
  • A spork to tag along: See that stainless-steel utensil? It’s halfway between a spoon and a fork, and it tucks right into the strap on the side.
  • Travel ready: That tall-and-slim silhouette is picture-perfect for stashing in your work bag (and since there’s a built-in handle, you can tote it that way, too).
  • 100% leak-proof: No need to worry about surprise spills in your bag—this one’s tailor-made to curb leaks.
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe: Yep, those containers and lids will hop happily into the microwave, then the dishwasher once the food fun is over.
  • Handy measurements: The big pot has secret volume markers on the inside, perfect for prepping overnight oats right in the container.
  • Storage friendly: Once this one’s done saving the day, those pots nest together oh-so nicely...just to help you save that much more space.