Lunch to-go, please.

Ever looked forward to eating your lunch out of a plastic food storage container? Us neither, which is why we’re big fans of these clever carriers. Inside each one, you’ll find a glass bowl that’s primed and ready to hop into the microwave if need be (perfect for your soups and stews). Plus, it’s got an internal silicone lid to help curb any splatters. And when you wanna stash your snacks in your bag for later? Just slip the bowl and inner silicone lid into the wood-fiber base, then top it all off with the stainless-steel outer lid for a leak-proof seal (yes, we mean leak-proof).

These dynamos are coming in three handy sizes for all your treat toting—one for salad, one for fruits and veg, one for get the idea. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a midday meal to plan.