Think: paper napkins, only better.

Here we were wishing we could upgrade the regular ol’ paper napkins we pull out for crowd-sized gatherings, and all the while we could have had these wonders on standby. They’re soft-as-can-be, just like table linens, but since they’re biodegradable, they’re tailor-made for no-fuss cleanup (no need to do a load of laundry after dinner).

  • Feel like fabric: That soft texture? It’s all thanks to an eco-friendly bamboo fiber that looks and feels like a fabric napkin.
  • Ultra absorbent: That fiber happens to be extra-thirsty, too, so it’ll curb spills and splatter like nobody’s business.
  • Sustainably made: Since they're fashioned from naturally abundant bamboo, they're 100% tree-free (no paper here!).
  • Biodegradable: Yep, these can pop right into a compost bin when they’re done tidying up. And if they do end up in the trash? They’ll decompose in about 55 days all on their own.
  • Pick a size, any size: These gems come in dinner, cocktail, and guest sizes, so we’re considering ourselves ready for any occasion. (And how about the banana pattern?)