Make it rain.

Restaurant-style Parmesan, right this way: This rotary grater was made to mill through hard cheeses at lightning speed. The roomy hopper on top offers lots of space for Romano, Asiago, you name it (nuts and chocolate too). Then, when it’s time to get the flavor going, just squeeze the handle and rotate the crank arm with either hand. Oh, and you can leave it to the blade inside to create picture-perfect flakes—it’s built from ultra-sharp, photo-etched stainless steel, with a special funnel shape designed to keep the cheese coming.

Oh, and after the Parmesan shower settles? You can put your feet up: This one comes apart in a snap, and everything can zip right through the dishwasher, no problem (hello, no-fuss cleaning). Now, if you need us, we’ll be deciding which of these popular pasta recipes to whip up first.