Infused to perfection.

Take good, old-fashioned apple cider vinegar, infuse it with a slew of tangy ingredients, and you get this goodness right here. Each bottle comes from a family-run farm and gets extra zing from organically grown turmeric or ginger root (take your pick). Plus, there’s even more goodness inside for a well-rounded flavor: lemongrass hydrosol, honey, lemon, and red pepper, plus garlic, cinnamon, clove, star anise, and cardamom.

We love this stuff for our salad greens—pair the turmeric with a fruity olive oil or the ginger with grapeseed or safflower oil to create a gold-star dressing. You can also drink a two-ounce shot all on its own, or swirl it with mineral water and a little vodka or gin. (We’ll leave the garnish up to you.)