Fresh from happy goats.

There’s a reason this maker won second prize for the American Cheese Society's Fresh Goat's Milk Cheese in 2011. Their goat cheese comes straight from a family-run farm outside of Birmingham, Alabama, where the dairy goats roam free on over 80 acres of pasture by day, then sleep in a barn by night. The grade-A milk it’s made from is free of additives (GMOs, hormones, you name it). Plus, each jar gets an extra kick of flavor from infused organic oils.

Take your pick from five different marinated goat cheeses, then spread over bread, crackers, salad...your call.

  • Black Peppercorn, creamy with an extra kick from freshly ground pepper.
  • Blueberry & Wine, with a wonderfully zippy-meets-tart flavor.
  • Herbs de Provence, featuring a classic blend of French herbs (basil, fennel, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, tarragon, and thyme).
  • Stinkin’ Rose, a fan favorite with hints of garlic blossom.
  • Vidalia Onion & Muscadine, with slightly-sweet onions and puckery muscadine.