The pour-over, perfected.

Take the top-notch quality of a professional coffee machine, swirl it together with a simple, at-home brewing method, and you get: this magic maker. It preps pour-over-style joe with just the touch of a button (no need to say how much—it’ll detect the amount of water automatically). Plus, lights on the front tell you exactly what’s happening when. The die-cast aluminum element heats your H2O up to a picture-perfect 200 degrees, while the stainless-steel shower head gives all your grounds an even watering. There's even a bloom cycle built in, to ensure the most even extraction possible. It’ll serve a crowd, too, since it can whip up 40 ounces of piping-hot goodness, easy.

Now, about those looks: it’s assembled by hand in Portland, Oregon from sturdy aluminum, handblown borosilicate glass, and premium hardwood, and you can take your pick from a whole slew of gleaming finishes. Yeah...mornings are looking a whole lot friendlier.