What a catch.

Snag the seafood that suits your palate, or try a seacuterie variety pack: The set of 3 lets you taste the trout, mussels, and lobster, while the set of 5 comes with one of everything.

  • Atlantic Canadian Lobster, wild-caught off the shores of Prince Edward Island, Canada, and seasoned with nothing but butter, sunflower oil, and salt. (Scout considers it the very best lobster in the world, and we just might agree with ‘em.)
  • PEI Mussels in Smoked Paprika and Fennel Tomato Sauce, which are hand-harvested in the inlets of Prince Edward Island, Canada. They’re hand-shucked, too, and preserved in Scout’s smoked paprika and fennel tomato sauce.
  • Ontario Trout with Dill, responsibly farm-raised and harvested in Ontario, Canada. This rainbow lake trout is accompanied by herbaceous dill, sunflower oil, and a sprinkling of salt.
  • Tuna in Organic Olive Oil, proudly sourced from the Pacific Northwest. It’s firm in texture and comes preserved in organic olive oil for extra freshness.
  • Tuna in Garden Pesto, with an herbaceous taste and punchy twist. It’s sashimi-grade fish, paired up with olive oil and Scout’s signature pesto blend.