The best thing since...well, you know.

The scenario: You just spent several minutes babysitting your toaster, only to end up with a still-soft (or worse, burnt) slice of bread. The solution: this miracle worker. It’s browning like no toaster has browned before, for so many reasons.

  • Changing the toaster game: Toasters have been using the same heating coil technology since the 1800s—until now, that is. This wonder has thin metal-alloy coils for quick-and-even heating.
  • Faster than fast: It heats up and cools down in a jiff, and gets 50% hotter than other toasters—so it’ll prep your morning toast three times faster (yep).
  • What you see is what you get: The touchscreen on the front? It lets you pick your preferred brown for whatever you happen to be toasting (bread, bagel, waffle, English muffin,’s choice).
  • Pick a setting, any setting: As if seven browning levels and five food settings weren’t has three toasting modes, too (fresh, frozen, and reheat).
  • Oh-so consistent: No guesswork here—it’ll automatically adjust the heating process depending on the bread type, voltage level, and toaster’s temperature.
  • Cleans up in a snap: There’s a slide-out tray on the bottom (that even reminds you when it's full) so you’ll never have to shake the crumbs out.