For all your storing & pouring.

  • Ready for infusing: It’s cleverly designed to make storing and pouring craft cocktails a cinch. Oh, and if you’re keen on other infused goods—think: olive oil, honey, vanilla extract, basil-Parmesan milk—it’s game for that too.
  • Screw-off bottom: The base screws right off for easy-breezy filling, and since it’s made of silicone, it happily resists slipping and sliding.
  • Sturdy as can be: The bottle itself? It’s crafted from lightweight, shatter-resistant glass.
  • Pick your size: Snag the tall 29-ounce for all those larger batches, or reach for the 15-ounce if you need a smaller sidekick.
  • Cleans up nice: You can put down the bottle brush when it’s time to wash up. Just pop the top and bottom off, then let the glass zip right through the dishwasher. (Everything else scrubs up in a snap by hand.)
  • Stores, then pours: Each vessel comes with a stopper for storing, plus a handy spout for pouring.