Braising the bar.

Oh, the magic you’ll make with this lidded braiser. It comes from a whole lineup of Danish cookware, designed with professional chefs. The patented Stratanium-Plus nonstick surface inside is PFOA-free and sturdy enough for your metal utensils (so it won’t peel or crack over time). Plus, it’s got high walls, an extra-thick base, and a roomy, textured surface for better braising, searing, and deglazing. Bonus: Pair it with the optional stainless-steel basket, and you’re ready to fry up meat and veg, or boil pasta.

The pot just so happens to be built from 100% recycled aluminum—so, it’s happily eco-friendly. And the lid? Say hello to tempered glass with stainless-steel details. One more thing we love: It’s all dishwasher-safe (how convenient).