Oh, the possibilities.

Who knew a pot could have so much talent? This Danish-designed pan, part of a cookware lineup created with professional chefs, has a high, rounded shape that lets it triple as a saucier, wok, and sauté pan all in one. The PFOA-free Stratanium-Plus nonstick coating inside won’t ever peel or crack over time (it’s tough enough for metal utensils too). Plus, there’s a textured bottom surface for better searing, braising, and deglazing. Top it off with the lid, and you’re ready to get simmering and steaming, too. It’s eco-friendly since it’s pressure-cast from 100% recycled aluminum. The kicker? You can rest easy knowing it’ll clean right up in the dishwasher (yep).

The talent keeps on coming thanks to your choice of optional pan insert. Set the steamer on top, and you’re ready to whip up seafood, veg, and dumpling. Fancy a poached egg (or six) instead? Grab the egg poacher, and you’re golden.