It’s simmer time.

Your new go-to for sauces and grains? We have a feeling it’s this pan. It comes from a line of Danish-designed cookware that was dreamed up with professional chefs. The PFOA-free, Stratanium-Plus nonstick surface inside is tough enough even for metal utensils (it won’t peel or crack over time, either). Plus, there’s a lil’ texture on the bottom for A+ braising and deglazing. It’s a pro at distributing heat, thanks to the extra-thick base. And since it’s built from 100% recycled aluminum, it just so happens to be eco-friendly.

We’re fans of the flared sides and rounded base, which make for fast reductions and easy-breezy whisking. When you’re done simmering away, go ahead and pop it in the dishwasher—this gem was made with everyday life in mind.