We thought through every detail, for two hands-down winners:

  • Magnets & loops for hanging: Each mitt and potholder has magnets so they’ll stick to any magnetic oven, fridge or dishwasher, meaning they’re always in reach. Some stainless steel appliances aren't magnetic, so we’ve given you options by adding handy hanging loops, too.
  • Platinum-grade silicone: Yes, that’s the best you can get—and you’ll feel the difference. Its heat protection is unparalleled (up to 650 degrees) but it’s still super thin and flexible, so you won’t sacrifice movement.
  • No-fuss fabrics: Our mitts and pot holders are made with cotton, so they’re machine-washable, with a low-pile terry liner to keep things comfy.
  • Extra arm protection: 60% of you wanted full-wrist protection, so we made our oven mitts longer to protect your forearms at the stove, oven, grill—basically, anywhere the heat is on.
  • Easy-on, easy-off: As for our pot holders, they’ve got a pocket on the back so you can slip your hand inside (which goes a long way when you need to get a good grip). They do double-duty as trivets, too.
  • Display-worthy design: Lots of mitts and pot holders look the same, but we went the extra mile to create a windowpane design that’ll look great even when they’re off-duty.

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