Holy smokes.

We’re fans of carbon steel for its lightning-fast heating capabilities, not to mention the nonstick patina it gets over time. And this cookware? It’s letting us take all those perks to the grill. It’s got a sturdy build that’s ready to take on meat, fish, veg, you name it (shoutout to the cast-iron handle). Oh, and let’s talk about the perforated bases—they're letting us grill all the smaller foods we couldn’t before, all while infusing them with smoky flavor. (Bonus: they lets extra juices drip away, too.) Now, we don’t know about you, but we’ve got more than a few recipes in mind for these all-stars.

Take your pick from three grill-ready shapes (or snag all three for the Pitmaster in your life!)

  • Outdoor Frypan: An outdoor twist on a trusty kitchen workhorse, this frypan is ready for whatever you dream up.
  • Outdoor Roaster: The basket-style design with two cast-iron handles lets you can take your flame-cooked meat and veg from grill to table in a snap.
  • Outdoor Grill Tray: Perfect for crowd-size batches of burgers, corn, and kebabs.