For the love of cheese.

Let’s meet those cheeses, shall we?

  • Alpha Tolman: Inspired by Alpine cheeses, it starts off with a buttery fruit-and-nut flavor, then gets a caramelized onion–like taste as it ages. We love it for fondue!
  • Bayley Hazen Blue: Beloved by blue cheese fans for its fudge-like texture and toasted-nut sweetness, it’ll pair right up with burgers, salad, or a hunk of dark chocolate.
  • Bridgman Blue: This one’s got notes of cow and goat milk, white pepper, and buckwheat honey. (We’d enjoy it over a juicy steak or with an herby beet salad.)
  • Cabot Clothbound: A natural-rind, cloth-wrapped cheddar with a crumbly texture and nutty aroma. Savory and sweet, it goes with charcuterie, honey, you name it.
  • Harbison: A tree bark–wrapped cheese that’s been soft-ripened for a spoonable texture. It’s woodsy, citrusy, and sweet—perfect for white wine and crusty bread.
  • Highlander: This nutty, buttery cheese is inspired by Swiss Raclette. Thanks to its semi-firm texture, it’ll melt right over potatoes (don’t forget the pickles and cured meat).
  • Little Hosmer: A mini New World–style Brie, it has notes of cauliflower, crème fraîche, and toasted nuts underneath its bloomy rind. Picnic, cheese board...your pick.
  • Moses Sleeper: Inspired by a classic French Brie, it has notes of cauliflower, crème fraîche, and toasted nuts, too. Set it on a cheese board with crusty baguette, or bake it en croûte (then invite us over).
  • Whitney is a meltable mountain-style cheese made with raw milk and washed with wine. It’s toasty with notes of cooked onion and roasted chicken. Fondue, mac and cheese,’s all fair game.
  • Willoughby: This one’s a washed-rind cheese with roast-beef and onion aromas, along with milky, peach-like flavors. We’re pairing it with juicy rosé and raw floral honey.

    Let's not forget the accoutrements...
  • Dilly beans: A savory treat from Pin Up Pickles, they’re crisp, tangy, and a just-right match for all kinds of cheese and charcuterie.
  • Raspberry mostarda: Made by Blake Hill Preserves in partnership with Jasper Hill Farm, this sweet preserve goes especially well with bloomy-rind cheeses.
  • Savory onion confit: Also from Blake Hill Preserves and Jasper Hill Farm, this stuff pairs right up with Alpine-style cheeses.
  • Sea salt flatbread crackers: These crunchy snacks from Brewer’s Crackers are made with spent grains—a byproduct of beermaking—along with whole-wheat flour and a lil’ sprinkling of sea salt. They play well with any cheese, really.
  • Salted almond farmhouse crisps: These light crisps from Jan’s Farmhouse have a fruity, nutty taste. We dare you to find a cheese they don’t like.
  • Maple pecans: Squirrel Stash gives these pecans a boost of flavor with a classic maple cinnamon glaze. (They’re like little bites of pecan pie.)
  • Mini jams: There’s four spreads from Blake Hill Preserves here—Spiced Plum with Port & Anise, Apricot with Orange & Honey, Orange Marmalade with Ten-Year Single-Malt Whisky, and Raspberry Mostarda with Vermont Ice Cider.