To top it all off.

There’s a few can’t-go-wrong sets to choose from, so we’ll dive right in:

All Stars is bringing the flavor with three fan favorites.

  • Original: The sauce that started it all—where sweet, mild Fresno peppers are paired up with French white wine vinegar, then aged to perfection. (We love it with oysters, aioli, sautéed veg, even Bloody Marys.)
  • Verde: Zesty serrano peppers meet herby cilantro, fennel, and onion. It’s our go-to green sauce for tacos, steak, avocado, and roasted veggies.
  • Hot Honey: Georgia-harvested, 100% pure wildflower honey infused with habanero pepper for a kick of heat.

Sweet Meets Heat is a roundup of Red Clay’s honeys, all made with sustainably sourced, 100% raw wildflower honey. Pair ‘em with fruit, veg, fried chicken, salmon, cornbread, pizza, cocktails...the list goes on.

  • Southern Honey: Aged in bourbon barrels for a little woodsy flavor (no heat here!).
  • Hot Honey: Infused with habanero pepper mash for medium kick.
  • Hot-Hot Honey: Just like Hot Honey, but with the heat turned up.

Heat Lovers goes out to all you spice seekers out there.

  • Carolina: An extra-spicy take on Original, thanks to a pinch of dried reaper pepper. (It’s a match made for chicken, chili, sautéed greens, Bloody Marys...even sushi.)
  • Habanero: Pure medium heat, with orange peel and carrot to bring out habanero’s citrus and floral notes. An A+ pairing with burgers, fish, salad dressing, and cocktails.
  • Hot-Hot Honey: Sweet honey meets extra spicy habanero pepper mash.

The Spicy Shebang brings a little bit of everything to the table.

  • Original: The Fresno pepper–vinegar sauce that launched a thousand more.
  • Carolina: Like Original, only spicier since it has a pinch of dried reaper pepper.
  • Verde: Where serrano peppers meet cilantro, fennel, and onion.
  • Habanero: Medium heat with citrus and floral notes, thanks to orange peel and carrot.
  • Hot-Hot Honey: Sweet honey meets extra spicy habanero pepper mash.