Liquid gold.

Presenting…the most gift-worthy olive oil we’ve ever met. It comes courtesy of EVOO expert Armando Manni himself, straight from the slopes of Mount Amiata in the south of Tuscany. (No wonder it’s beloved by the world’s top chefs and has appeared in Oscars gift baskets.) You’re getting two organic Tuscan oils here—Per Me, a powerful blend with notes of fresh balsamic and artichoke, plus Per Mio Figlio, a more delicate take with an herby flavor. Our advice? Use ‘em to give your dishes the final flourish. Per Me loves to be drizzled over meat and robust greens like arugula, while Per Mio Figlio is just-right for fish, butter lettuce, and baby spinach. Both will pair right along with bread, soup, and pasta, too.

We’re bringing this goodness to the US before anyone else, tied off with our very own ribbon so it’s ready for gift-giving—or, you know, keeping all to yourself.