Keep the coffee coming.

Brewing barista-level joe has never been easier: This magic-maker preps the perfect cup in just four to six minutes—yep—thanks to its many, many perks. Fill the brew basket, add water, then flip the power switch, and it’ll handle the rest. The copper heating element inside keeps your water at a just-right 200°F for top-notch flavor. There’s a nine-hole spray arm, too, so your grinds will get an extra-even soak before extraction. The 10-cup insulated stainless steel carafe can serve a crowd, easy (though you can always brew two to five cups if you prefer). Oh, and the insulated carafe? It'll keep your leftover coffee nice and toasty for up to an hour. Did we mention this wonder makes nearly no noise as it goes about its work? Yeah, we were impressed, too.