Making the cut.

  • Ready for any-size batch: The 13-cup processor comes with interchangeable 4- and 13-cup containers, while the 8-cup comes with a very-versatile 8-cup container—so you can prep salsa for two or a party-size batch of coleslaw.
  • Slices and dices—and then some: There’s two adjustable discs for slicing and shredding (thin or thick, fine or decide). The 13-cup processor even comes with a bonus disc for dicing.
  • Mixes, purées & kneads, too: Each container has its own chopping blade, too, for batters, soups, bread, you name it. (The 13-cup container comes with an extra blade especially for your dough.)
  • (Almost) endless possibilities: From prepping pesto and soup, to shredding veggies and grinding meat, this processor takes (and literally makes) the cake.