History in a tray.

Train a crew of late-1800s Cornwall fishermen in the art of coppermaking, and what do you get? A whole slew of gorgeous pieces like these gems. These vintage trays were crafted well over a century ago by Newlyn School artists (who, quick history lesson, turned to copper when the fishing industry in Cornwall began to dwindle). Each one has a hand-hammered finish all over, too, along with a “Newlyn” stamp underneath—a lil’ reminder of its storied past.

Vintage copper—is there a dreamier sight? Whether it’s a gleaming tea kettle or a well-worn (but well-loved!) baking dish, copper lends easy, warm elegance to a home, without all the stuffiness. We’ve brought you an assortment of stunning, one-of-a-kind finds from Coppermill Kitchen to add to your collection, exclusive to our Shop (you won't find them anywhere else!).