Dream big.

This copper pot’s sure to become the crown jewel of any kitchen it meets. It’s vintage through and through, dating back to mid-19th-century France. It’s roomy, too, ready to handle all the soups, sauces, and stocks you can throw at it. The kicker? This one’s brimming with handmade details—like the dovetailed copper handle on the lid, the forged iron swing handle, and the hand-cut copper flanges on either side (just when we thought it couldn’t be any more charming).

Vintage copper—is there a dreamier sight? Whether it’s a gleaming tea kettle or a well-worn (but well-loved!) baking dish, copper lends easy, warm elegance to a home, without all the stuffiness. We’ve brought you an assortment of stunning, one-of-a-kind finds from Coppermill Kitchen to add to your collection, exclusive to our Shop (you won't find them anywhere else!).