La Maison du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat Advent Calendar

3.8 Stars / 6 Reviews

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La Maison du Chocolat Advent Calendar
3.83 Stars / 6 Reviews

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3.0 Stars
Lovely to look...but boring
I loved the packaging but the chocolates were pretty boring. Lots of repetition and nothing interesting. I think the necessity to pick chocolate that would last a long time was probably the issue. Nonetheless, after multiple days of chocolate covered nuts, opening each day’s door lost its fun.
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Submitted on: 12/25/2020 Reviewed by: Jo C. Option:
3.0 Stars
Beautiful packaging; poor chocolate variety
This is a beautiful gift to receive--the packaging is gorgeous and could probably be reused year after to year. However, there just isn't enough variety among the chocolates--way too many chocolate covered nuts. Very expensive for what it is.
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Submitted on: 12/20/2020 Reviewed by: Marcia Option:
4.0 Stars
amazing chocolate
The chocolate is delicious but the variety isn't great, feels like the same chocolate over and over.
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Submitted on: 12/17/2020 Reviewed by: Melissa M. Option:

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