Chocolate lovers, rejoice.

There’s baking chocolate, and then there’s this single-origin, unroasted goodness. It’s all ethically-produced, crafted with nothing but organic ingredients (yep, that includes the cacao beans, cane sugar, and cacao butter). And since you’re getting two 8-ounce bags here, you’ll be ready to whip up batch after batch of brownies, fudge, name it. Take your pick from a whole spread of flavors:

  • Classic dark: This stuff’s deep, dark, and fruity—an elevated take on a well-loved classic.
  • Maple dark: Maple sugar stands in for cane sugar here, creating a fruity, bright, and rich flavor.
  • Oat milk: Maple sugar, oat flour, toasted coconut, and vanilla give this one a nostalgic taste (think: chocolate chip cookies).
  • Cacao nibs: They’re bright and crunchy—and come straight from a network of farmers in Tanzania.
  • Cacao powder: It’s bright and fruity, yet creamy and deep too (even a little citrusy).