That's the spirit.

We’ll be staying in for happy hour, now that we have this infusion kit nearby. It’s got everything you need to make flavorful sips at home: two 16-ounce glass jars with a filtering spout, plus two packs of pre-measured ingredients. Each blend has nothing but all-natural fruits and spices inside, sourced from an organic and sustainable farm, so you can bet it’ll enhance whatever’s on the bar cart. (Pro tip: After your first run-through, refill the jar with more booze—the next batch will be a tad weaker, but it'll keep the flavor going longer.) Now, if only we could decide what to mix up first…

  • Whiskey comes with Navel Gazer and Just Peachy kits
  • Vodka comes with Parrot Head and Blue Sunday kits
  • Rum comes with Island Time and Just Peachy kits
  • Tequila comes with Parrot Head and Rose Ceremony kits
  • Gin comes with Blue Sunday and Rose Ceremony kits
  • Holiday comes with Snowed In and Spike the Punch kits

Wanna keep the drinks coming? There's a seasonal subscription.