Child's play.

Meet: the play kitchen we all wish we had when we were younger. It’s handcrafted by second-generation toymakers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, using sustainably sourced Baltic birch and North American maple wood. There’s all kinds of surprises here to let the kiddos’ imaginations run wild.

  • Extra-large oven: The oven has two tiers inside and a pull-down door—just like the real thing.
  • Lifelike stove: Up top, there’s four burners and turning knobs, plus a cutting board in the middle for pretend prep work.
  • Under-sink cabinet: There’s plenty of storage under the farmhouse-style sink, plus hooks on the side—you know, for all the faux food you’ll wanna stash. (We recommend these wooden lookalikes.)
  • Worry-free design: Magnetic closures keep all those doors securely in place, and—bonus points—all finishes are happily nontoxic.
  • Cute-as-can-be size: Clocking in at 26 inches tall, it’s just the ticket for tots two to six years old.
  • Add-on fridge & vent: Did we mention you can snag a matching refrigerator with lots of shelf space built right in, plus a vent too? It’s true.