Say goat cheese.

When it comes to the fromage lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with giving the gift of award-winning flavor. Each box here has a medley of goat cheeses from Cypress Grove of northern California (home to a herd of very happy goats). There’s a range of textures to try—soft-ripened, aged, and fresh—all crafted using the finest ingredients around. Meet the standouts below.

  • Humboldt Fog: The creamy, soft-ripened cheese that started it all, it’s accented with edible vegetable ash for floral notes, herby overtones, and a clean citrus finish. Pair it with prosciutto or crumble it over salad.

  • Midnight Moon: Known to convert even the staunchest goat-cheese skeptics, this aged beauty starts with a nutty, buttery bite and has a long caramel finish. Enjoy it with jam and crackers or melt it over rustic bread.

  • Purple Haze: This fresh fromage is subtly sweet with a tangy brightness, thanks to lavender and hand-harvested fennel pollen. Stuff it in dates or crumble it over mixed baby greens.

  • Sgt. Pepper: Chili, curry, harissa, and pepper give this fresh cheese and complex taste and a slight kick. We love it tossed with pasta or dolloped over burgers.

  • PsycheDillic: A delightful blend of fresh goat cheese and hand-harvested dill pollen for a tart but bright finish. Tip: Spread this one over a bagel, or substitute it for mayo in your favorite tuna recipe.