Snail mail.

Wait till you hear the story behind this rare collection: It goes back to 1847, when Stanislas Renault first opened his workshop in Argent-sur-Sauldre, France. One move and 173 years later, the Poterie Renault business had stayed in the family for five generations, continuing to handcraft iconic stoneware from French clay (and even fire it all in the original kiln). Sadly, they’re closing their doors—but not before we were able to snap up a treasure trove of vintage pieces. We brought them here just for you, and they’re available exclusively at our Shop.

When escargots are on the menu, we know just the thing to serve ‘em on: This dazzling dish comes straight from France—how very fitting—where it was crafted from local grey clay and salt-fired for a one-of-a-kind shine. It’s extra-sturdy, too, thanks to that stoneware finish. There’s nine nooks here for all those snail shells (we think they’d hold all sorts of other snacks too).