Grab a glass.

Zero-Proof Botanical Drinks? Yep, you read that right. These botanical blends come courtesy of mixologist John deBary, who drew inspiration from New York’s culinary diversity when creating them. They can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle, of course—we recommend chilling them first then pairing with dinner or snacks, since they’re made to go with great food. But feel free to stir ‘em into your favorite cocktails too.

There’s two flavors here, both with no sugar added. If you simply can’t decide? Opt for the mixed set.

  • Ludlow Red has notes of blackberry, chrysanthemum, black pepper, and dandelion, all with a splash of fig vinegar. Pair it with an heirloom tomato and watermelon salad that’s topped off with feta, mint, and balsamic.

  • Rivington Spritz is refreshing and bright, with hibiscus and chamomile flowers, Chinese rhubarb, gentian, and strawberries (plus a touch of champagne vinegar for good measure). We love it with fried oysters and mustard remoulade, or a charcuterie board starring finocchiona and hot soppressata salami along with Humboldt Fog and Stilton cheese.