A sip for every season.

Get this liquor infusion kit subscription going, and you'll be set to make flavor-packed cocktails at home all year long. It comes with two 16-ounce glass jars with a filtering spout, plus two packs of pre-measured ingredients each season. (That's eight infusion packs total.) Each blend is made with all-natural fruits and spices, sourced from an organic and sustainable farm, so you can bet it'll jazz up whatever's on the bar cart. (Pro tip: Top your jar off with more booze as you go—your next batch will be a little weaker in taste, but it'll keep the flavor going longer.)

Your seasonal lineup includes...

  • January–March: Navel Glazer & Blue Sunday
  • April–June: Rose Ceremony & Just Peachy
  • July–September: Parrot Head & Island Time
  • October–December: Snowed In & Spike the Punch

The first shipment will include two infusion jars and two corresponding infusion blends. The following shipments will only include two seasonal refill blends, each a different flavor!