A new way to cocktail.

From a kitchen in the woods of England, with a copper still and a centuries-old manual entitled The Art of Distillation, Ben Branson is concocting the most exciting elixirs we’ve tasted in recent memory. With a new non-alcoholic option for drinkers in mind, Seedlip has created three non-alcoholic spirits perfect for entertaining at home—with just the addition of tonic (they’re not meant to be enjoyed straight up).

Spice 94 is aromatic, earthy, and woodsy, with hints of allspice, oak, and lemon. Serve it with tonic and a grapefruit twist.

Garden 108 is herbal, grassy, and floral, with peas, hay, and spearmint giving it a delicate flavor. Serve with tonic (elderflower tonic is especially nice), and a curlicue of cucumber for a refreshing spring or summer beverage.

Grove 42 scales new citrus heights with, not one, not two, but three different types of orange. It's also got a lemongrass-y finish and a little prickle of peppercorn. Serve simply with tonic and a twist of orange peel.

Seedlip gave us the recipes for a few of their favorite cocktails. Try Spice 94 in their Pennsylvania Dutch or Stewart Howard, and Garden 108 in their Garden Sour or A Good Dill.