The teas to beat.

Tea like you’ve never tasted it, right this way. Each giftable bundle here comes with a medley of full-leaf blends, all sourced from small farmers in Taiwan. There’s three flavor-packed lineups for you (or a lucky someone!) to try.

Formosa: Think of this set as an intro to all things Taiwanese tea. It has six wonderfully different blends: Canyon Green, White Peony, Mount Qilai, Oriental Beauty Grand, Frozen Summit Grand, and Iron Goddess Archetype, plus a seventh surprise blend. Even more? Each one comes with an illustrated card that walks you through a particular step in the tea-making process—and how that step makes what you’re sipping shine. You’ll be a tea expert before you know it.

High Mountain: There’s three infusions here—Mount Pyrus, Valley of Dragon & Phoenix, and Mount Ali. They’re all grown at high elevation, which makes them supremely aromatic. Many say they’re some of the best oolongs in the world (and we don’t disagree).

Classic Taiwanese Oolong: Especially for Taiwanese oolong lovers, this set comes with three iconic blends. First, Frozen Summit, a charcoal-roasted tea from a family that’s been perfecting the art for seven generations. Then there’s Mount Pyrus, harvested on a mountain known for its juicy pears. And to top it all off? Oriental Beauty, which has an aroma of amber honey and red roses.