For the final touch.

Let's meet each flavor, shall we?

  • Black Garlic is a sweeter take on raw garlic, yet also dark and complex. Use it on burgers, grilled cheese, veg, pizza, and pasta.
  • Red Miso is more intense than its sibling white miso, with a bold punch of umami. It’s a shoo-in for tacos, braised meats, salads, and spaghetti bolognese.
  • Ramp (a wild cousin of the scallion) is tangy, zesty, and sweet, not to mention oh-so versatile. We love it on omelettes, grilled fish, grain bowls, and roasted veg.
  • Turmeric is earthy and gingery, yet also sweet and citrusy. Pair it with seafood pasta, soups, fruits, and cocktails.
  • White Miso is a lighter, slightly nutty take on Red Miso, with plenty of umami to go around. Give it a whirl with ramen, mussels, veg, or roast pork.