Fluffy goodness, every time.

Ultra-precise temp control: It has top-notch induction technology, which means it can make to-the-degree temperature adjustments for better rice.

Extra-even heating: It sends heat through the bottom, sides, and lid, so you’re looking at even cooking all around.

Settings galore: This one has modes for any rice you can dream up—white (regular, softer, or harder), jasmine white, mixed, sushi, sweet, brown, and GABA brown, plus porridge and quick cooking.

Warm rice on tap: There’s a delay timer and two keep-warm settings, too, so you can have fluffy goodness right when you want it.

Two trusty sizes: With two can-do sizes to choose from—5.5-cups and 10 cups—there’s a just-right match for your kitchen.

Cleans up easy: There’s a nonstick pot and stainless-steel lid inside, and both are removable for no-fuss cleaning.