Up-for-anything cooking skills: With a wide base, flat bottom, and tall sides, your wok has lots of space for cooking, and it’s coming with a stainless steel rack that allows you to cook in batches or drain fried foods for extra crispiness. The rack also folds into a steamer, and the glass lid keeps moisture in for tender steamed vegetables.

Made of real-deal carbon steel: This pan is great for high-heat cooking and it doesn’t stop there: It’ll stir-fry, boil, sauté, even braise. (Surprise trick: It makes some of the best popcorn you’ve had.) Safe for any stove top, gas or electric, it goes right in the oven, too, and best of all it’s naturally nonstick and only gets more so with use.

Made with community and the planet in mind: We work with a manufacturer that’s certified to meet international environmental and ethical standards. They’re reducing carbon dioxide emissions and performing working conditions audits (with certificates like ISO 14001, BSCI, and more to prove it).