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Blackened Cherry End Grain Cutting Board

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Dip Included Buffalo Wings

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Blackened Cherry End Grain Cutting Board
3.5 Stars / 2 Reviews

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2.0 Stars
Beautiful...at first
This is structurally a very nice cutting board, but the dark stain is a terrible mess. The stain leeched off after I cut a lemon, leaving lighter splotches on the board. Worse yet, the stain intermittently came off when I washed the board and stained several kitchen towels with a reddish-brown tint that I haven't been able to remove with bleach. This board is beautiful but best used for decorative purposes only.
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Submitted on: 8/23/2021 Reviewed by: Michelle Option:
5.0 Stars
Love it!
I love this cutting board. It looks perfect in my new kitchen and I love the holes on the side for easy handling.
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Submitted on: 5/5/2021 Reviewed by: Honiscookie Option:

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