As authentic as it gets.

Wait till you hear about each oil:

Kerós comes straight from ancient Athenoelia olive trees on Mount Taygetos, one of the tallest mountains in Greece. (Some of those trees are over 1,000 years old, and since they grow on rocky hillsides, harvesting them is a feat in itself.) It’s certified organic with an elegant and complex flavor, plus a grassy nose and hints of fresh herbs, butter, and pepper. Use it for braising meats, baking, drizzling over salads and veg...the world’s your oyster.

Édafos hails from Sitia on the island of Crete, a coastal town where Minoans first cultivated the olive tree millenia ago. The Koroneiki olives used to make it come from ancient, centuries-old trees and are cold-pressed within hours of picking. The result? A deep golden hue and a fresh, fruity flavor with a smooth citrus finish. We can’t wait to pair it with bread, add it to dressing, swirl it into sauce...we could keep going...