Good things come in small packets.

More on that produce…

  • Tetra Squash is a versatile delicata with four different flavor profiles, depending on when you pick it (immature fruit, young stems, blossoms, or mature squash).
  • Over ten years ago, chef Dan Barber challenged vegetable breeder Michael Mazourek to create a better butternut. The result? 898 Squash, a single-serving squash that’s brimming with sweetness.
  • The 7082 Cucumber may be pint-sized, but it packs a punch. It has a little bitterness that goes a long way, and it just so happens to help deter pests too.
  • Trial Snow Pea Mix combines purple Beauregarde peas with the green, wavy pods you’ve come to know and love. What you won’t expect? The burst of flavor that’s hiding inside ‘em.