If the piece fits.

Let’s meet the artists behind these puzzles, shall we?

  • Bathing With Flowers is by Slovenia-based illustrator Alja Horvat, who looks to museums and nature—along with the ‘60s, ‘70s, and '80s—for inspiration (800 pieces).
  • Dos Soles is by Costa Rican illustrator and muralist Dora Cuenca, who draws inspiration from motherhood and plays with organic lines and pops of color (450 pieces).
  • Animal Kingdom is by Brooklyn-based painter and textile designer Olivia Wendel, whose work straddles somewhere between memories and dreams (800 pieces).
  • Just a Snack is by Seattle-based Emma Repp, who works with a combination of handmade and digital elements to create her bright and illustrative designs (800 pieces).
  • Boobs is by Brooklyn-based freelance artist Julia Heffernan, who specializes in watercolor, digital illustrations, and emojis (450 pieces).