Make us melt.

Mt. Tam A fan-favorite for good reason, this organic number has the dreaminess of a triple cream with a core that upholds its texture as it ripens (just when you think it can’t get any better). It plays best with a drizzle of honey or dollop of jam and sparkling wine.

Wagon Wheel If you could take California sunshine and magic it into a cheese, the result would be Wagon Wheel. Hailed by all as one of the creamery’s most-snackable creations, it turns to liquid gold when melted (think of the potato possibilities). Pairs best with pickles.

Pierce Point Think of it as a tour of the Northern California coast for your taste buds: Lots of herby notes with aromas of fresh fields unite in creamy harmony, then get topped with a sprinkling of chamomile, calendula, and basil. Just wait til you sprinkle it on salad!

Red Hawk A small-batch, organic, triple-cream cheese made from local milk, each piece is lovingly washed with brine for four weeks until it turns a head-turning reddish hue. It’s bound to be the crown jewel of your next charcuterie board (extra cornichons, please).

Crème Fraîche Tangy, complex, and ultra-rich, this spoonable, dippable goodness goes sweet to savory and back again. Dollop it over fresh berries or add it to dips and soups to up your creaminess factor.

Cottage Cheese We wish our pillows were as soft and fluffy as this hand-cut cottage cheese. You’ll be delighted to find Meyer lemon notes hidden in its creamy depths, ready to add a touch of tartness to your breakfast bowl.

Fromage Blanc File this under: the brighter side of cream cheese. Tangy and salt-sprinkled, it tastes divine on bagels for sure, but also makes an A+ cheesecake filling (in case you didn’t already see that coming).

Inverness Inspired by an iconic cheese from Lyon, France, this soft-ripened fromage only gets better with time—just the ticket for spreading on a crusty baguette or sidling up next to crudités.