Burning bright.

Pick the scent that speaks to you most—each one is made with essential oils.

No. 1 Juniper & Geranium is cleansing, grounding, and calming. (Think: sweetness and warmth, with spicy and woodsy undertones.) It’s just the thing for the powder room, or for living spaces where you’ll be entertaining guests.

No. 2 Hemp Flower & Citron gives off a clarifying and revitalizing vibe, thanks to its green floral base and zesty citrus notes. We love it in the kitchen for eliminating cooking odors—or in the office for creating a focused environment.

No. 3 Ginger & Rose is soothing and comforting, with hints of petal, honey, and deep, warming spice. Keep it in your living space or bath and light it anytime you need an extra dose of peace and tranquility.