Get to know our apron…you’re going to do great things together:

  • Built-in pot holders at the bottom corners: Not one but two Food52ers wrote into our Aprons quiz with this clever idea and we ran with it. Our aprons’ pot holders are comfortably situated on the bottom-front corners, and have a cotton-terry lining for hand protection for all your stovetop needs (up to 250 degrees). We recommend using them for transferring a hot pan to the table, removing hot lids and knobs safely, etc.
  • Sturdy fabric & stitching: 67% of you asked for a midweight fabric so spills won’t seep through to your clothes. We chose durable 100% cotton twill with reinforced stitching—simply put, it’s built to last.
  • Plenty of coverage: It was one of your most requested improvements on the classic, so we added a few extra inches to the sides and back, as well as an extra-wide bib to protect you from every angle.
  • Handy hanging loop: It’s specially placed inside the bib so you can hang your apron a little bit higher—this helps keep it from dangling on the ground.
  • Adjustable neck strap: A metal buckle lets you fine-tune your fit based on your height—plus, the strap is generously wide to sit comfortably on your neck.
  • Extra-long waist ties: We added a few inches and made the ties a bit wider for comfort, so you can loop them around your waist and tie in front. (This also just-so-happens to be a great place to tuck a kitchen towel.)
  • Clever pocket construction: 70% of you asked for multiple pockets—we placed two roomy ones at the hip, plus a chest pocket, too (taller than it is wide, with handy stitching down the front so it can hold pens, a thermometer, and even reading glasses safely).
  • Conversion chart at the ready: A handy chart lives just inside one pocket, for those moments when you’re a little too flour-covered to pull out your phone and check how many cups there are in a pint.
  • A (very) good-looking design: We’ve got four Five Two hues to choose from: Blueberry, Smoked Salt, Maple, and Peppercorn. Meanwhile, the off-center stripes are a modern take on vintage apron styling.