Ladurée Advent Calendar (Sold Out)

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The name Ladurée may spark visions of colorful macarons, but those weren’t the Parisian institution’s first claim to fame. Founded by baker Louis Ernest Ladurée in 1862 and reimagined into a pastry shop and café soon after, it originally found its niche as a tea room frequented by members of high society. Legend has it Louis' grandson, chef Pierre Desfontaines, came up with the idea to sandwich two almond meringue cookies together into the macaron as we know it today. Now their shops contain all sorts of confections—we’ll take one of each, please.
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Ladurée Advent Calendar (Sold Out)
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4.0 Stars
Pretty Package - Good Candy
Oh the box is pretty and fun. A big lunch box. The candy is good. A huge variety, from chocolates to sugar fruits (a sort of gummy). The only down side to this, there's a ton of plastic for each day. Behind each door there is a 5 piece plastic box - open on the far end. Pull out the box and the candy doesn't come with it (box open at the back end). So you have to pull out a plastic wrapped piece of candy. The candy is decent, not spectacular like I was expecting. Fun design. Kind of disappointing after opening each door.
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