All about the spices.

Because this tin is brass, it will develop a lovely patina over time (though it can always be shined right back if preferred). Now, about those spices…

Nagauri Cumin is grown on Prahlad Ramji's small family farm in Inana, Rajasthan, and rotated with a range of indigenous millets. The farm is on the edge of the Thar Desert, which has just the right climate (read: scorching and arid) for truly flavorful cumin.

Kandyan Cloves are grown in the forests of Kandy alongside wild cinnamon, nutmeg, and the biggest jackfruits you’ve ever seen. They’re plump, oil-rich, and hand-harvested and sorted by the folks at Eko Land Produce—a community of organic farmers from the heart of Sri Lanka.

Aranya Pepper is grown on a family farm where Parameswaran and his son Akash have been naturally farming pepper for over 35 years, along with passion fruit, tigers—yes, really!—and the region’s largest collection of bamboo and palm varieties. Their pepper is vine-ripened and hand-harvested with utmost care for maximum flavor.

Nandini Coriander is grown on the Sakariya family farm along with custard apples, guavas, and heirloom wheat. Named after the Sakariya family's beloved cow, it’s the undisputed matriarch of their regenerative farm. It's a variety that Dharmesh—a third generation farmer and natural farming expert—developed for its incredible fragrance and vibrant color.

Pragati Turmeric is grown by the Kasaraneni family on their farm alongside marigolds, bananas, and black rice. While Prabhu Kasaraneni’s family has been farming for three generations, he is a self-taught organic farmer who began growing this heirloom turmeric in 2015, with help from the Indian Institute of Spice Research.

Anamalai Mace is grown by Harish Manoj Kumar and Karthikeyan Palaniswamy on their family estate at the base of the Western Ghats (right by their award-winning Anamalai Cacao). It’s fully tree-ripened for maximum flavor and oil content, so it’ll stay aromatic in your kitchen for longer. Manoj is a regenerative farmer and converted the entire estate to be 100% chemical free back in 2012—a change that happily caused the nutmeg trees to flourish.

Makhir Ginger is grown by a small group of organic farmers in the Jaintia hills alongside Lakadong turmeric and black sesame. It’s a wildly strong and surprisingly tiny heirloom variety, and it’s sourced just for Diaspora Co. by the folks at Zizira, a small team of Meghalaya locals dedicated to connecting Meghalayan farmers to better markets. As for flavor? It's more potent, caramel-y, and aromatic than any ginger you've ever tried.