Three's a party.

Smoky No. 56 has campfire-like notes thanks to smoked tea, figs, and maple syrup. It took—you guessed it—56 trials to get just right, and it’s a shoo-in for whiskey lovers. Serve it in a rocks glass with an orange twist, maybe with a splash of still or sparkling water.

Eva’s Spritz is refreshing and bright, since it has Oregon rhubarb and 12 different botanicals inside. It’s inspired by the classic Italian aperitivo—just pour it over ice and add an orange slice for garnish. Another option? Serve it ice-cold in champagne flutes when it’s time for a toast.

The Saskatoon is nice and herby, with bitter botanicals, berries, and foraged Douglas fir tips inside. A tip from us: Serve it Negroni-style, over ice with an orange peel, or lightly chilled in a red wine glass. (We love it for mixing sours too.)