A new era of coffee.

Available on the market for the first time! This brand new system (brewer plus filter) was just developed and funded, and we're getting to sell it exclusively so you can be the first to experience it.

The ceramic brewer (made by a small Portland studio) beautifully houses the one-of-a-kind KONE coffee filter. Able Brewing created the filter as a sustainable alternative to a paper filter -- the stainless steel mesh allows more oils to steep, creating a fuller body to the coffee than paper can.

After the coffee is finished dripping, the filter support can be removed and replaced by an elegant lid. It's certainly the prettiest coffee maker we've seen, and when it isn't in use, we still love having it on display. To add to the cleverness of the design, you can steep a pot of tea by leaving the KONE filter inside with the lid on.

"Makes blacker black coffee without a trace of sludge and holds so much more than you'd expect, enough for cup after cup (after cup)." —Amanda Sims, Design and Home Editor