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The Judgment


By Kerry Diamond

For me, personality is crucial in a cookbook, and Robicelli’s: A Love Story, with Cupcakes oozes personality. As a result, pitting it against Jane Coxwell’s Fresh Happy Tasty is almost unfair. It’s like 1970s-era Muhammad Ali jumping into a schoolyard fight. Did I mention the Robicellis are from Brooklyn?

Robicelli’s is what all cookbooks should be: an intensely unique affair, packed with good recipes, salty language, and solid advice. I’m not just buying recipes when I buy a cookbook. I can get all the recipes in the world online. Fresh Happy Tasty? Six pages of biographical information on a woman who worked as the personal chef aboard Diane von Furstenberg’s yacht, who sailed around the world and who hails from South Africa is not enough in a 310-page book. Where are the personal snapshots, the maps, the travelogues? 

Still, Coxwell’s recipes have a beauty and a simplicity to them that makes you wish she were your private chef. I made her Grapefruit, Watercress, and Carrot salad and could have wept over how delicious and easy it was. But the cookbook is plain Jane, when it should have been globetrotting, awesome, woman-of-the-world Jane. 

The Robicellis could have taken the easy path and pumped out a formulaic cookbook consisting of generic pictures and recipes. The latter (spoiler alert!) are for cupcakes and cupcakes only, and I’ll admit, that’s slightly limiting. But their cookbook category is one of the few bright spots in the world of publishing; I’m guessing baked good cookbooks, particularly ones about cupcakes, sell well no matter how dull or sparkly the content. The Robicellis went for sparkly, and they deserve your $35 (the cover price) and probably even $70 for their wit and effort.

You will read this cookbook and actually laugh out loud. Perhaps you’ll even bake from it. I made an attempt, only to discover my boyfriend had stolen my scale, candy thermometer, and cupcake tins and brought them to the kitchen at Seersucker, one of our restaurants. (“When is the last time you used them?” he asked, not a bit contrite.) I wound up making the recipe for American Frosting. If you are on a diet, skip ahead to the next paragraph. The recipe consists of three sticks of butter, two cups of powdered sugar, mascarpone cheese, and heavy cream. I used a hand mixer, even though Allison Robicelli really, really wants you to use a stand mixer, which I don’t own. 

I fully intended to make some other recipes, but the weeks leading up to the due date for this essay, which the Piglet gals refer to as the “judgment,” (such a harsh word for a competition I’m assuming was named after Winnie the Pooh’s bestie), were busy ones. The new issue of Cherry Bombe finally arrived and needed to be distributed. And then, Time magazine published the now-infamous “Gods of Food” issue and made the mistake of slighting every female chef and food entrepreneur on the planet. (If there are babes baking on Mars, they should be pissed too.) To say I got angry and distracted would be accurate. So no mise-en-placing took place, no bringing sugar to the softball stage, no rushing around to buy the stand mixer I should have bought years ago.

My hunch is that the same folks who dismiss women in the world of food get apoplectic over the existence of cupcakes. A macaron is bad enough, but a cupcake? A cupcake?! They can’t stand to be in the same room or breathe the same oxygen as a cupcake. The Robicellis don’t care. They tackle this subject in the book. It pisses them off and amuses them in equal measure. Bring it on, they say. 

But I caution you: Please don’t. They will win. They are from Brooklyn, as I mentioned earlier. And not the twee part of Brooklyn where I reside.

I’m about to go out on a limb (I hope it’s a sturdy tree) and say Robicelli’s: A Love Story, with Cupcakes is one of the best cookbooks ever. Fresh Happy Tasty is a lovely book with recipes for food you would like to eat every day and that you should eat every day, but it needs more of the author. There was lots of quinoa, but I wanted more Jane Coxwell.

To hate cupcakes is to hate life. Maybe this book is in the wrong category. Maybe this is a self-help book masquerading as a cookbook. There’s a blurb on the back cover from one of the Big Gay Ice Cream guys, but next time? Oprah all the way. 

And the winner is…

Robicelli's: A Love Story, with Cupcakes

Robicelli's: A Love Story, with Cupcakes

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12 months ago GretchenJoy

I brought Fresh Happy Tasty home from the library because of its inclusion in The Piglet. I'd already read the judge's decision before hand but wanted to give the book a try anyway. I can't begging to adequately communicate my shock as I discovered the wonderful pictures from the distant locations Jane has visited and the delightful descriptions of the brightly colored food. I have added to all of the color in the cookbook with my own sticky notes placed "around the world" of Fresh Happy Tasty which mark the many, many dishes I plan to make from it. I agree with the masses, what an awful bit of judging!


12 months ago GretchenJoy



12 months ago Jane Coxwell

Hi Gretchen -- Thank you so much for getting my book from the library! And for saying such lovely things about it. I'm really thrilled that you've seen things that you'd like to try out. Happy cooking and eating to you. Jane


about 1 year ago Naomi Manygoats

A fun review, although most of it was about the reviewer's own life and excuses for not making much from either book. Still, it was entertaining and life happens!


about 1 year ago AAFoodie

Give me cupcakes any day.


about 1 year ago beejay45

Hate to join the chorus of "Booos!" but really, you buy cookbooks to read about the authors, not for the recipes??? Up front, I am not a cupcake person, not even when I was a kid -- after you pull off the cute little pleated cup, it's just a piece of cake that gets frosting all over you fingers...of course, not much of a cake eater either. ;) I, too, would have like to know more about the recipe content of these books, but with my built-in bias, I'd have to lean toward Fresh Happy Tasty for content, but that title...


about 1 year ago Lisa Walker

Great review of the review! "...cute little pleated cup...", made me laugh out loud.


about 1 year ago boulangere

Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Any piece of writing that takes on the pissed-offness that cupcakes mysteriously inspire, including this review, is aces in my book.


about 1 year ago AntoniaJames

AntoniaJames is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

I learned more about the reviewer, sadly, than I did about the merits, as a resource for cooks, of either contender. That's all I have to say. ;o)


about 1 year ago Tabledeckers

I didn't think I wanted a cookbook that featured JUST cupcakes, this review changed my mind! It will be added to my collection, pronto!!


about 1 year ago Megan

I think fresh happy tasty looks great!


about 1 year ago Lisa Walker



about 1 year ago allie

Hmm - a cookbook reviewer where the reviewer seems to have barely cooked from the books...? As a Food52 reader, I expect better.


about 1 year ago ginny

Why did I learn about the cookbooks based on this review? Not a cupcake hater, but really, what criteria. Ooooo they're cool, ooooo they're from Brooklyn, ooooo they swear. Kinda like a middle schooler picking a clique. Insulting to Jane Coxwell.


about 1 year ago Annie Berrol

This review isn't up to the very high standard of the earlier reviews.


about 1 year ago alaparc

Behind the judgement, but not the review. I have both books and one I use for everyday cooking and the other I use to bring treats to my buddies at the office. I found the review self-promoting with an arch tone, excuses, and a boyfriend. Boyfriend?! Now that's twee!


about 1 year ago becky

This was weak. Sounds like Kerry did very little recipe testing from either book. And even if the writing and personality I a cookbook are what's most important to you , it still is, after all, a COOK book, so the recipes should be awesome. I'm disappointed in this excuses for a proper review


about 1 year ago Debra Cowie

I bought the Robicelli's book today, based on this review. I'm drawn to a great food story and this book is delivering. It's engaging, funny and makes me want to make some f*&king great cupcakes. I'd been looking at this book for a while and I'm grateful to the reviewer for giving me the push to hit "add to cart".


about 1 year ago Catherine Lamb

Way to go Robicelli's! Win well deserved -- when I need laughter or the best f*#&ing cupcake on the planet, I know where to turn.


about 1 year ago Bianca

This was a horrible review. The only thing I got out of it was that the reviewer doesn't own a stand mixer, and she judges books by the cover. This decision shouldn't have been published and she should have been reprimanded for not doing her job correctly. The author admits in the article she didn't do what she was supposed to; so why was this allowed as an official submission?


about 1 year ago Ida Briggs

BOO on this review - FROSTING was the only thing she made instead of a cupcake? And the other book got a GRAPEFRUIT SALAD? Well, la-dee-da, thank you for NOTHING. One book is "pretty" and the story "interesting" while the other is filled with recipes? Who picked this lazy nitwit? Thumbs down on this "reviewer" for insulting both books, and this competition!


about 1 year ago nancy o

I'm grateful that Kerry included her criteria for judging; I can bounce her views against the things that I value in a cookbook. I typically want my cookbooks to contain recipes I will conceivably use. For me it's better to have a trusted voice in a valued book providing me with never-fail recipes than sifting through the endless offerings online. And call me old-fashioned, but throwing the f-word around in one's writing marks one as terribly uncreative in my estimation. That being said, if I were to want to bake cupcakes, I'd probably view Robicelli's as a resource.


about 1 year ago Joan Osborne

I agree with some oft he other comments that I have really enjoyed how the other reviewers dived into both cookbooks and I enjoyed reading every word. I then had no idea which book was going to win until the end of the review. With this review I knew almost immideatly and maybe the book deserves it but I have no idea which one really should have come out on top. Personally I think I'd lean towards the one I'd cook from most and I rarely make cupcakes but I also enjoy the narriative in many cookbooks just for the reading pleasure. I suppose I'll just have to take a peek at both books for myself.


about 1 year ago mcs3000

"To hate cupcakes is to hate life." YUP.


about 1 year ago g. marks

Hey FOOD52, I have a GREAT idea! Since this brilliant site consists of food professionals and everyday at home folk, why not try a PIGLET with home cooks as the reviewers?? Just a thought for the future. I think people would like it (maybe not the pros but the other folks would I think. Fresh spin on things, no?). . I realize this could be tricky, but you could give it a try maybe by giving the task to more than one reviewer and pick the best/most appropriate one. I'm in :)


about 1 year ago Lemongrass&Lime

Hi g. marks. You'll be pleased to know that this year Food52 is doing exactly that! Every day of The Piglet they are posting a community pick review by a Food52 member. Search the Food52 website to read about the community pick process and reviews. They've been very entertaining so far. Here's a link to one of the latest -


about 1 year ago Heather

I rarely read cookbooks front to back, and even more rarely eat or make cupcakes, so I would have gone the other way ...


about 1 year ago deucemom

I need to check out 'fresh happy tasty', just to spite the review. I am not a big cupcake fan or and have a young son who likes to read cookbooks with me, so that one is out.


about 1 year ago Suburbanitis

Woohoo! I was pulling for Robocelli's!


about 1 year ago Tamara Buhr Dahling

Well, you convinced me. I rarely make cupcakes but after reading the review, I think perhaps I need to turn over a new leaf. And get my cupcake pans out!


about 1 year ago Crystal Conway

I like cupcakes!


about 1 year ago Catherine Bova

YES! YES! YES! Robicelli's is a great, funny, outrageous cookbook. I love making cupcakes and this is really easy to follow, although some of the recipes are a bit difficult for a layman. Allison is a hoot! So glad they won.


about 1 year ago jeanmarieok

While I find the reviewer's style to be not as thorough and thoughtful as others, I don't think either book she was responsible for reviewing can win the whole thing. I'll bet you that Robicelli's book is out in the next round. So in the grand scheme, this is just a blip in the competition. As an FYI, I bought Fresh Happy Tasty last year, and have enjoyed cooking from it. Lots of very solid, delicious, healthy recipes.


about 1 year ago thepeche

I learned to hate The Piglet last year. And today, I learned to love it. Ms. Diamond nails it.

The Robicelli's cookbook is an overwhelming tidal wave of butter cream and "fucks" and charm and vulnerability and a hell of a lot of hope. Ms. Diamond captures perfectly in her review just how powerful Allison and Matt are as people, how strong their writing is, and just how damn good their cupcakes are. Having just visited their bakery this past weekend, I can say that who they are on the page is exactly who they are in person. And the quality of their bakery cupcakes matches the quality of what I've made from their recipes.

I'm sure the other book is lovely, but most cookbooks don't stand a chance against what Allison and Matt have created. This is a book full of something special.


about 1 year ago sandriavdh

Poor review. How can you review cookbooks without trying numerous recipes from the books? Really disappointed with this comparison. And if I was Jane Coxwell, I would be down right angry at this review!


about 1 year ago Jenali

I have been enjoying the Piglet reviews so far. With each review I'm able to take away some reasons as to why I should purchase these cookbooks. I would have preferred a little more detail on the contents of "Fresh Happy Tasty" to balance out the heavy praise of "Robicelli's: A Love Story, with Cupcakes."


about 1 year ago Miss Hangrypants

I don't know if I love cupcakes more than savory foods. But when I need a cupcake, I need it stat. Love sass in cookbooks!


about 1 year ago topdawg11

One of the best cookbooks ever? Certainly a different style of review than the others.


about 1 year ago poppy

Was this an advertisement for Seersucker and Cherry Bombe?


about 1 year ago Anna Brunswick

Fantastic reviewers all until today. After reading this, I am none the wiser as to which is the better book. I only know who the reviewer would prefer to go for a drink with.


about 1 year ago NellieMc

The only real takeaway in this review was on the reviewer and her operations - if she's as sloppy and non-caring as she was in writing this, then I can't imagine how she stays in business.


about 1 year ago EmFraiche

I agree that the story is just as important as the recipes in a cookbook. I buy/read cookbooks mostly for the stories. Robicelli's sounds hilarious!


about 1 year ago ChefCitron

Agree with the verdict, what a disappointing review! As others mentioned, the judge tested only one (!) recipe from each cookbook (frosting and a simple salad) over three months. Or, really, only 1.5 recipes... because what's a cupcake without, well, the cupcake? At least tell us what was so amazing about the salad that it brought you to tears. Was it the texture, the combinations of veggies, a special something in the dressing (or was it more of a vinaigrette?) that made it shine? And the frosting? Was it amazingly amazing, or did it present itself simply as a melange of the ingredients listed? Sadly, the judge's personal projects (restaurant and magazine) got as much air time as the anything related to the cookbooks.

I'll say this: yes, a professional or proficient cook can read a recipe, without stepping foot in the kitchen, and know how it will taste, if there are steps missing, if it could be enhanced, if it might need an acid, the texture, etc. But for the Piglet (our PIGLET!), we expect so much more! I liken it to summarizing a Super Bowl win to hard-core football fans by quipping, "The Seahawks won. There might have been two (or, in this case,1.5) good plays in the game, but Seahawks won."

P.S. For the faint of heart, you might find Robicelli's 'f-bombs' and street lingo a little off-putting at first (I did), but hang in there. Focus on the recipes and techniques, many of which are quite creative and genius! As a former Executive pastry chef of Lutece, this guy has the 'baking cred' to back them up. Soon enough, you realize the Robicellis are having a ton of fun, and want us to have fun, too. (Who can resist the "Half-ass Corner" tips at the end of some recipes!) It's a great book for the recipes and for the laughs!


about 1 year ago Kat Kinsman

I'm with Kerry on this. I haven't read Fresh Happy Tasty, but as for the Robicelli's book, I will likely never make a recipe from it (mostly because I can just go to their store and buy them already made), it's one of the best-written cookbooks I've ever read. I've howled reading it, and my husband and I have recited passages aloud to each other. It's smart as all get out and while I won't make the recipes, that doesn't mean I won't cook from it. The techniques and tips are so useful as to be applicable to plenty of other dishes, and I have Matt's floating head in a little bubble in my mind while I'm in the kitchen, counseling me on the little actions that "chef up" anything I'm making.


about 1 year ago SoupAddict

Poor Piglet. It must be terribly aggravating to herd the cats who agree to review these books, trusting in a job thoroughly done, only to have this turned in at the deadline. I have no doubt that the Robicelli book is amazing, but I get the impression that Coxwell's book was thumbed through and tossed on a side table with a shrug. But in any event, one frosting recipe and one salad recipe does not a judgment make. It's just a harmless competition, sure, but I'm sad that "Fresh, Happy, Tasty" didn't get a proper run through here. All of the books in this competition deserve better.


about 1 year ago Dona

The reviews of both books are more thoughtful than this review.


about 1 year ago Kara Von Kelso

Very disappointing review. Unlike the reviewers view of Jane's book, this post could have used less of the author and more on the cookbook and recipes. I was hoping to gain more insight on the food and less on the busy life of Kerry Diamond. If you agree to be a part of The Piglet, find a way to make the recipes!


about 1 year ago Desert Dryad

I could eat the cover of that book, it looks so good.


about 1 year ago FJT

Strong review of the writing style of these two books, but we're not much the wiser about whether the recipes work well. Surely you need to do more than make frosting to determine whether a book is a worthy winner? I personally wanted to know more about Fresh, Happy, Tasty which didn't seem to get much of a look in here.


about 1 year ago BakerK

I agree with other commenters on this one: where was the review? Although yes, I enjoy reading through personal stories in cookbooks, I ultimately want a book with solid, dependable and delicious recipes.


about 1 year ago nicole_pearce

Wow, this was so very disappointing! I had been waiting for this review since The Piglet started as I have been thinking about buying Robicelli's and wanted to hear how the recipes turned out. There is no useful information here that I couldn't have gotten on my own by looking at the book in a bookstore. Funny thing is that I was also curious about Cherry Bombe and thinking about subscribing...if they put as much effort in as they do in this review I'm going to skip it!


about 1 year ago petitbleu

I just can't get behind a review that gushes about the "personality" of a cookbook but doesn't bother to test any recipes. I'm sure Robicelli's is a great cookbook, but I get the impression that Fresh, Happy, Tasty got a perfunctory going-over and was then discarded. Also, this sentence: "I’m about to go out on a limb (I hope it’s a sturdy tree) and say Robicelli’s: A Love Story, with Cupcakes is one of the best cookbooks ever." Srsly?


about 1 year ago SoupLady

I don't take the Piglet too seriously. It's supposed to be fun for us cookbook lovers! However, these were the two cookbooks in the competition that I was completely unfamiliar with and this review didn't shed any light either of them except one has salad and one has awesome frosting. Oh well.


about 1 year ago jamcook

This year's reviews have been thoughtful and well written until now. No Time? Then don't take on the assignment. This is the "dog ate my homework" of the current piglet.


about 1 year ago Helen B

Another strong writer...thanks Food 52. I was sceptical about another book on cupcakes, but Kerry makes me realize how much I would be missing out by not adding this book to my collection.


about 1 year ago Victoria

Cupcakes are so fun, and Robicelli's look delicious!


about 1 year ago Jarrad

I love reviews with personal excuses of not enough time or too busy to take the review process seriously. Especially when criticizing one of the authors for not putting enough work into their own writing. I agree with the reviewer, though. Cookbooks should include fewer recipes and more anecdotes about what makes the author the person he or she is. That above all else will help you put better food on the table. What should I make for dinner tonight? Let me skim Mario Batali's childhood diary before heading to the market.


about 1 year ago jenna_lee

If you don't have time to actually review the cookbooks fully, why agree to it? Yes, the best cookbooks combine the chef's voice with great recipes, but at the end of the day, I buy a cookbook to cook out of it... if I wanted a novel, I would buy one. How can one judge a cookbook as being better than another without actually cooking anything out of it? Disappointing review :-/


about 1 year ago LLStone

I recall the Robicellis featured on F52, and would love to read the book. I also hoped from more from the review.


about 1 year ago Hannah Robie

I would like to make a recipe from Robicelli's, but wish this review had focused a bit more on the content of the books.


about 1 year ago LittleFrier

We all lose focus and are busy. So, I give credit to those who take time out of their schedule to judge the Piglet. However, in my opinion, a great review always centers on the subject, but this review seems to lose its focus at times.


about 1 year ago sfielding

I have made a recipe from the Robicelli's cupcake book when it was featured on Food52--and it was delicious. Would love the whole book!


about 1 year ago Sheila E

I agree. In this day of self published e-books and Pinterest, recipes are a dime a dozen- complete with pictures and/or videos. So, those of us investing in cookbooks really do want something more. I've always been a good cook, but baking intimidated me. However, a strong desire to conquer that fear has been stalking me. I've just about tackled biscuits, and I'm thinking that cupcakes should be the next step- don't you? And this book seems to be down right motivational.


about 1 year ago Amrita K

The other reviews--except the Smoke&Pickles/Flour,Too review, which was perhaps a bit too short--have been a delight to read. This one falls rather short of that standard! In 3 months of reviewing time, she cooked just 1 recipe from each book?! How do you judge a whole cookbook based on that? It would have been nice to have a more in-depth view.


about 1 year ago g. marks

This review was very poorly done. I love FOOD52 and the Piglet series. I am a cookbook addict and look forward to each review to give me true insight into each book. This review did not. The author was clearly distracted (and self promoting) and did not do justice to either book. I can only imagine FOOD52 was disappointed but just didn't have time to find another reviewer.
I look forward to the next review.


about 1 year ago sherry marriner

I would like to say, I would love this book...decadent!


about 1 year ago kate h

Love making cupcakes and sharing them with friends! But also curious about Fresh Happy Taste and want to learn more about Jane Coxwell's culinary point of view.


about 1 year ago Carol Reitz

Agreeeeee! Robicelli's rock !


about 1 year ago Carol Reitz



about 1 year ago The Sleazy bakeshop

We agree so much we dedicated an entire blog to going all Julie/Julia on them. http://thesleazybakeshop...


about 1 year ago Kathy C.

Don't have any cupcake cookbooks so would love this one! Sounds like a wonderful read too!


about 1 year ago lmikkel

Love cupcakes but also love reading real reviews, which this wasn't.


about 1 year ago aecummingsII

I love love love this book! I first made the Car Bomb cupcakes, which were very easy. Though, because my hubby swilled my last Guinness Stout, I used Shock Top Chocolate Wheat beer instead. The results were amazing! As per the authors' insistence, I tackled the French butter cream frosting and was rewarded with a confection that was not cloyingly sweet, lighter than air and that piped into beautiful mounds,just like in the book. Delicious!
The flavor combinations of ingredients the Robicelli's use are mind blowing:fig, prosciutto, balsamic vinegar,and goat cheese buttercream; or carrot celery root cake with blue cheese buttercream, topped with buffalo chicken and buffalo hot sauce.
The chapters are divided,as tributes to special people, places or institutions, under the heading of "Love Letters to..." like The Golden Girls,Bad Luck ,the East End,to Old Brooklyn Bakeries, and more.
Oh perhaps I digress, I wholeheartedly agree with this judgement! Check out this book.


about 1 year ago MelMM

All the reviews this year have been pretty good until this one. Let me get this straight. She made one recipe from the cupcake book, and it was frosting? Didn't even make a single cupcake? And from the review, it looks like just one recipe from Fresh Happy Tasty, about which she writes that she "could have wept over how delicious and easy it was."

Six pages of biographical information is plenty for me. I am buying cookbooks first and foremost for the food. I'll take my own snapshots and make my own scrapbook, thanks. I'm all for good writing in a cookbook, but it's the food that makes the book a keeper.


about 1 year ago cookbookchick

Another great Piglet read! What will I do to invigorate my day when the Piglet ends??


about 1 year ago MotherWouldKnow

Pitting cupcakes against a vegetable salad. Even just judging by the covers that is sooo unfair (as my daughter would say). Anyway, after reading the review, I'm tempted to buy the Robicellis' book for their wit if not their recipes.


about 1 year ago aargersi

Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

must have cupcakes


about 1 year ago melomel

I got this book when it came out and, like everyone has mentioned, devoured it cover to cover. I love the Robicelli's voices—they're obviously having fun BUT they also want to show you how to make wonderful little treats. I'm a baker myself, and when I'm looking for inspiration, I often turn to this book.


about 1 year ago ChefJune

June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

It takes an extraordinary baker to make moist, tender cupcakes. IMHO they are way too often dry (are you listening Magnolia Bakery?). But they are an important genre not in small part because moms need to be able to send birthday cake to school with their kids, and cupcakes are IT! What would we do without them? Robicelli's baked goods are DA BOMB, so I'm not at all surprised their cookbook is, too. I might have to buy it just to read it. Never a bad thing. Oh, and also make that icing!!!


about 1 year ago Chaka

So.... are the recipes in these cookbooks generally good or...

(this was a disappointing review)


about 1 year ago Dr ROK

Love cupcakes!


about 1 year ago hurleyburley

Totally agree. This is the first cookbook I actually read cover to cover and laughed out loud at. I made the Carbomb cupcakes (also with my sad little handmixer)and they were amazing! Although if you want to skip all the work you can go up to Bay Ridge and buy them at the Robicelli's shop.


about 1 year ago sexyLAMBCHOPx

sexyLAMBCHOPx is a trusted home cook.

I agree! Cupcakes are an individual indulgent tasty cake that I have yet to outgrow.


about 1 year ago Chris Christmas

give me the cupcakes any day