The Safest Ways to Prep and Cook Chicken

By • April 16, 2014 • 1 Comment

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Today: Worry no more -- watch Food52 editors show you the safest ways to prep and cook your chicken.

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There's a lot of lore -- scary lore -- over how to deal with chicken properly. Do you wash it? Do you use a separate cutting board? How can you stop from contaminating everything around it? When do you know when it's done? For a protein that's so easy to cook -- one we turn to for both weeknight dinners and weekend dinner parties -- it sure can be high maintenance. 

Watch editors Brette and Marian explain their ten tips for dealing with chicken safely -- from unwrapping it to checking its doneness. Then go forth, and cook your chicken with confidence!

This post was brought to you by Just BARE®.

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5 months ago J.B.

The farm video is too much for the cinema! You gals are brave.