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Food52 Wedding Registry

  • An Expertly-Curated Selection (2,000+ Strong!)

    We love heritage brands, but many of our designs come from small makers and small batches (so they often go fast, but we do our best to restock very, very soon!).
  • Smarter Ways to Browse

    Peruse room by room, or through collections designed to help you find the pieces you actually need
  • Bonus Shop Discount

    10% off in the Food52 Shop for the 6 months following your wedding (including anything left on your registry)
  • Handy Gift Tracking

    All your gift information in one easy-to-manage page, right down to tracking info for shipments
  • Fun Surprises

    A few surprise treats from us (and your guests!)
  • Wedding Website Discount

    10% off a custom wedding website through Squarespace, whose ultra-easy platform and handsome design we love

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